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Youngstars International

The birth of Youngstars International

From the 12th to the 17th of May 2014 participants and delegates from 12 countries gathered together for NCM (National Coordinators Meetings) in Sant Celoni Spain. A year ago, we as partners of the Juropa Youngstars Network, set before ourselves the daunting task of preparing for the foundation of a new Association. An association that would be carrying forward the vision of Kurt Mühlematter founder of Juropa, to give the young generation of Europe an opportunity to meet Jesus Christ as Savior, throughout the world.

The new Youngstars international association will thus aim to continue to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a holistic manner through experiential learning. We want to show the reality of Christ in a real way. Experiential proclaiming of the Gospel involves the whole person with heart, head and hand and if the young generation will be given the opportunity to experience the reality of Christ changing them, they will change this world. 

For three days at the NCM, we spent time praying together, sharing our struggles, victories and challenges, witnessing to the great things God has done in each country. We listened for the voice of the Father and discussed with one another every aspect of our future collaboration.

In an amazing way God brought wisdom, unity and peace, which enabled us to have a wonderful founding meeting on Thursday the 15th of May. Every vote on every question was unanimous, confirming the leading of the Holy Spirit. 

It is thus with great awe at the wonders of our God that we, the newly appointed board and executive team of “Youngstars International” announce the founding of this new Association.

We ask that you also take time to collaborate in this effort, praying for the association and especially for wisdom for the new leadership:

Susanne Beier (Spain), Daniel Horst (Romania) and Rudolf Hächler (Austria) were appointed by the General Assembly as members of the Executive Team, with Daniel Horst elected as CEO.

Daniel Jägers (Germany) was voted Chairman of the Supervisory Board and the rest of the board members are Miriam Wüthrich (Switzerland), Florin Saitis (Romania), Hensie van der Merwe (Ukraine) and Miriam Mistreanu Mauerhofer (Italy).

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