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About us


    Youngstars International (about the association)

    Youngstars international is a non-profit organisation, which exist with the purpose of expanding national Youngstars movements that support holistic leisure activities in cooperation with Christian denominations (church associations) and congregations. This is achieved through the training and coaching of leaders to model Christian values to the young generation in informal ways.

    Our vision (what we take a stand for)

    To see that all children and teenagers get the opportunity to hear the Gospel, in order to be able to make a decision for Christ, be discipled and integrated into a local church. Here they can be encouraged and strengthened in their relationship with God, grow in character and in service to others and thus positively influence their family, church and environment toward change.

    Our Mission (how we want to implement our vision)

    Youngstars International exists to link YS-movements and partners independent of what denomination they are and without limiting their sovereignty, in order to share resources within the network.

    The 7 values of YSint (what is valuable to us)

    1. Christ centred
    2. Orientated on relationships
    3. Orientated on holism and experience
    4. Orientated on needs
    5. Multiplying
    6. Relevant for churches
    7. Relevant for society

    The 5 principles of YSint (how we work)

    1. Independent
    2. Based on partnership
    3. Contextualised 
    4. Dynamic
    5. Sustainable


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